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10 Christmas Video Ads: The Best, the Bleak and the Blunders

by Claire Reilly on December 11, 2015 , No comments

With countless “Best Christmas ads” lists circulating the web, we’ve compiled our selection based on those ads that whether good or bad have had us talking about the brand. So here it is, our Top 10 comprised of some winners, some slip-ups and some that are just a little depressing!

Coca-Cola ‘Open Your Heart’

Kicking things off and the first in our blunders is Coca-Cola’s Christmas advert, which sparked outrage among indigenous rights groups. The company was forced to remove an ad which depicted a group of teens traveling to Totontepec, Mexico to erect a Christmas tree and share bottles of Coke with the Mixe community. Complaints began to pour in following its airing with The Alliance for Food Health, a coalition of consumer rights and health groups, calling it “an attack on the dignity of indigenous people”. See what you think for yourselves.


OK so this next entry is, in fact, a print ad but we felt that such a blunder had to be included. Bloomingdale’s highly questionable catalog ad really shocked consumers this season with the tagline “Spike your best friend’s eggnog when they’re not looking”. Put this together with the image of a laughing woman being ‘admired’ by a male peer, it’s no doubt that the brand received some rough coverage!

Bloomingdale's Christmas Advert

Apple ‘Someday at Christmas’

Simple and tasteful from Apple, this ad integrates Apple’s products pretty seamlessly. Featuring Stevie Wonder and Andra Day singing a cover of the 1967 classic ‘Someday at Christmas’, the video references the VoiceOver integration in GarageBand as well as the MacBook and Apple Watches. With a brief ‘Love, Apple’ in the closing scene, the ad is not brand heavy and let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy listening to Stevie Wonder?

Currys ‘Spare the Act this Christmas’

Jeff Goldblum puts on another great performance in the Currys’ Christmas campaign, in fact, he’s teaching us how to do the same when it comes to receiving an undesirable gift. Much like the #GiftFace campaign from Harvey Nichols, this theme plays upon the humorous side of gift-giving and suggests Currys’ products as the solution to avoiding a disappointing Christmas.

John Lewis ‘Man on the Moon’

The most anticipated advert of the year didn’t quite impact consumers as hoped. #ManOnTheMoon had a somewhat hollow effect on online viewers and was ultimately overshadowed by Edeka, a later entry in our list, which executed the same theme more effectively. Taking a darker angle, the advert tells the story of an elderly man sitting alone on the moon receiving a gift from a young girl on Earth. Perhaps it was because last year’s John Lewis ad was so good, that this year’s didn’t quite live up to our expectations.

Aldi Telescope Christmas Advert 2015

Nudging its way in front of John Lewis is a cleverly crafted response to the #ManOnTheMoon campaign. Aldi has produced a spoof in which the elderly man on the moon is quite contently comparing a John Lewis telescope to an Aldi telescope, no medals for guessing which he prefers! Wonderfully witty and a great example of reactive advertising.

Marks & Spencer ‘The Art of Christmas’

With a startling theme song to catch your attention and a good buzz that plays upon the party side of Christmas, this video places fashion, food and drinks products from the brand into our festive routine. Marks & Spencer continues to inject fun and energy into its seasonal campaigns.

Cadbury ‘Cadvent Christmas 2015’

Cadbury is chocolate and chocolate is Christmas, hence its inclusion on the list! The beloved brand makes a great effort to entertain us with a simple and fun Christmas video. The company’s trucks have been designed to make up each date of the advent calendar and there’s even a special someone hiding in the 25th truck… This ad brings a touch of magic to Christmas, appealing to both children and adults alike.

Edeka ‘Heimkommen’

Taking the Internet by storm this year is German supermarket chain Edeka’s Christmas ad, which takes another dark angle on festivities. Shedding light on loneliness this season, the advert depicts an elderly man faking his own death in an attempt to bring his whole family together. Sad but effective, this ad speaks the truth and we seem to like it, with almost double the online shares than that of #ManOnTheMoon.

Sainsbury ‘Mog‘s Christmas Calamity’

Our favorite Christmas ad of 2015 is Sainsbury’s highly enjoyable piece featuring the clumsy adventures of Mog the cat. The ad offers genuine entertainment in return for our attention. The animation begins with Mog’s innocent and unknowing tangle in a set of Christmas lights. What ensues is an endless stream of disasters that causes an almighty mess and potentially destroys Christmas!



Claire Reilly10 Christmas Video Ads: The Best, the Bleak and the Blunders