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10 Christmas Video Ads: The Best, the Bleak and the Blunders

by Claire Reilly on December 11, 2015 , No comments

With countless “Best Christmas ads” lists circulating the web, we’ve compiled our selection based on those ads that whether good or bad have had us talking about the brand. So here it is, our Top 10 comprised of some winners, some slip-ups and some that are just a little depressing!

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Claire Reilly10 Christmas Video Ads: The Best, the Bleak and the Blunders

MIPCOM 2015: The Calm After The Storm

by Claire Reilly on October 16, 2015 , No comments

It was a close call this year as the world’s entertainment content market almost did not take place, amidst a treacherous “Medicane” which claimed the lives of 20. As attendees, we witnessed first hand the devastation caused by the storm and the effect it had on the people of Cannes and surrounding areas. Our sympathies go out to those who suffered as a result.

Despite the odds, Reed Midem persevered and worked around the clock to ensure the market went off without a hitch. A big thanks to them for having us.

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Claire ReillyMIPCOM 2015: The Calm After The Storm

Targeting Audiences Online & The Millennial Hype

by Claire Reilly on August 17, 2015 , No comments

Millennials (born 1980-2000) are the obsessive focus of the digital advertising and content industries, with many, many articles covering their consumption habits and how best to target them with promotional messages. It’s a fact that Gen Y (the other commonly-used name for this generation) make up the majority of digital video viewers and that they can be a highly engaged group when it comes to certain types of online campaigns. However, there are several factors to consider before losing sight of the potential of other demographic audiences.

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Claire ReillyTargeting Audiences Online & The Millennial Hype

OTT: Who Will Be The Winners And Losers?

by Claire Reilly on July 16, 2015 , No comments

As television viewing continues to gravitate towards digital, it is no wonder that a series of traditional broadcasters have launched digital platforms, with at least ten more expected later this year.

According to the Ooyala-Vindicia report, the OTT industry is set to see revenues more than double by 2018, due to both increased competition and consumer demand. Juniper Research shows that OTT subscriptions will amount to $31.6 billion by 2019, up $23.6 billion from 2014.

So who will prevail among the many players entering the OTT market?

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Claire ReillyOTT: Who Will Be The Winners And Losers?

Provider Spotlight: Travel Therapy TV

by Claire Reilly on June 26, 2015 , No comments

Most people wish to avoid a situation in which they have booked what appears to be a dreamy holiday, only to arrive to a nightmare. Perhaps this is why more and more people are utilizing online travel video as their reliable go-to source. And how! According to a recent study by Google and Ipsos MediaCT, two out of three consumers in the USA watch online travel videos when they are planning a trip. YouTube data shows that travellers are viewing online travel videos more now than ever before, with views rising at a rate of 118% year on year.

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Claire ReillyProvider Spotlight: Travel Therapy TV