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All Aboard the Outstream Bandwagon

by Brendan Bourke on March 1, 2016 , No comments

Digital advertising and marketing go through phases. Remember SMS marketing? For any younger readers, yes that was actually a thing! And yes it still exists in certain forms, but what started out as quite a potent marketing tool was abused and eventually became an irritant. Who abused it? Marketers – that’s people like you and I.

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Brendan BourkeAll Aboard the Outstream Bandwagon

Cannes Lions Ad Tech vs. Creativity Debate. Time To Turn The Page.

by Brendan Bourke on July 2, 2015 , No comments

Right Brain vs. Left Brain.

Mad Men vs. Math Men.

Creativity vs. Technology.

Over the past few years, hundreds of articles and conference discussions have been dedicated to this topic.  Even after this year’s Cannes Lions, many more pages are being added to the discussion thread. It’s time to move on.

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Brendan BourkeCannes Lions Ad Tech vs. Creativity Debate. Time To Turn The Page.

Mobile Video: The Future is Now

by Brian Cullinane on March 13, 2015 , No comments

It goes without saying that mobile is no longer the future of media and advertising, it’s the present. The challenge is that consumers are ahead and the industry is sprinting to catch up.

Earlier this year Shane Smith, Vice Media and Co-Founder & CEO told Variety Magazine, “For us it’s about how do you get to all screens. It’s not a question of ‘Can TV migrate to online?’ If that’s the question, you’re already dead, because online is mobile, and that’s the future”. The growth of mobile video advertising, of course, has not arrived unexpectedly. Mobile has been a hot topic in both the media and advertising circles for years now, and as noted in Ooyala’s Global Video Index for Q4 2014, it has been trending consistently upward throughout the past 13 quarters.

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Brian CullinaneMobile Video: The Future is Now

Ad Fraud: Time To Clean Up the Industry

by Brian Cullinane on February 12, 2015 , No comments

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” – John Wanamaker

Mr. Wanamaker’s use of the term “wasted” takes on a whole new meaning today when it comes to digital advertising and fraud.

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Brian CullinaneAd Fraud: Time To Clean Up the Industry

Ad Tech Consolidation: Who’s Taking a Slice of the Pie

by Róisín Kirby on December 5, 2014 , No comments


As ad dollars shift from TV to online video, the pace of ad tech consolidation shows no signs of slowing. This year alone has seen a great number of video tech acquisitions, demonstrating that competition is heating up between the big players over who gets the largest slice of the lucrative video advertising pie. In this post we analyze three of the year’s biggest deals.

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Róisín KirbyAd Tech Consolidation: Who’s Taking a Slice of the Pie