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Provider Spotlight: Travel Therapy TV

by Claire Reilly on June 26, 2015 , No comments

Most people wish to avoid a situation in which they have booked what appears to be a dreamy holiday, only to arrive to a nightmare. Perhaps this is why more and more people are utilizing online travel video as their reliable go-to source. And how! According to a recent study by Google and Ipsos MediaCT, two out of three consumers in the USA watch online travel videos when they are planning a trip. YouTube data shows that travellers are viewing online travel videos more now than ever before, with views rising at a rate of 118% year on year.

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Claire ReillyProvider Spotlight: Travel Therapy TV

5 Reasons Publishers Without A Mobile Video Strategy Are Missing Out

by Brendan Bourke on May 22, 2015 , No comments

You’ve no doubt seen your mobile traffic increase significantly, perhaps you’re testing some new mobile ad formats, and if your site features video content (which by now it really should), your mobile video views are on the rise. That’s great! But as has been the case for the past three to five years, users are way ahead of publishers and they are dictating play. So although mobile is organically driving new revenue opportunities, it also needs its own dedicated strategy.

Here are 5 reasons why publishers without a mobile strategy are missing out.


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Brendan Bourke5 Reasons Publishers Without A Mobile Video Strategy Are Missing Out

What Do Tomorrow’s Smartphones Mean For Online Video?

by Róisín Kirby on September 19, 2014 , No comments

When asked this week what the leading topic of conversation would be for the Huffington Post Media Group a year from now, editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington answered “Much more video – long form, short form – and much more on mobile.”

Anytime, anywhere, any device

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Róisín KirbyWhat Do Tomorrow’s Smartphones Mean For Online Video?