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Content is King. But Relevance Rules.

by Brendan Bourke on November 4, 2015 , No comments

We all know that content is king. We’ve heard it many times over. The fact that this phrase is overused doesn’t make it less valid. But in a sea of noise and oodles of poor video content, increasing emphasis is now correctly being placed on content relevance. So let’s not ‘dethrone’ content just yet – but just like the rest of us, content has a boss.

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Brendan BourkeContent is King. But Relevance Rules.

Video Inventory Shortages: The Publisher’s Challenge

by Brendan Bourke on September 11, 2015 , No comments

It’s no longer breaking news. There’s insufficient video inventory in the market to satisfy the demands of advertisers and publishers. That much is clear.

As the recent Forrester report, Solving Digital Video Advertising’s Premium Dilemma stated – a lack of premium video inventory is holding back video’s growth.

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Brendan BourkeVideo Inventory Shortages: The Publisher’s Challenge

Provider Spotlight: Euronews

by Brendan Bourke on August 10, 2015 , No comments

In order to be a true global provider of online news in an ever-evolving landscape, you need certain qualities:

  • Scale
  • Speed
  • Experience
  • Credibility

As the world’s news providers adapt to the changes brought about by social media and evolving consumption habits, reliable and trusted sources of news content who deliver quality, up-to-the-minute reporting are becoming invaluable.

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Brendan BourkeProvider Spotlight: Euronews

NewFronts 2015: Driving Scale and Opportunity

by Brian Cullinane on May 8, 2015 , No comments

Over the past two weeks Yahoo has showcased a total of 55 online web series, Maker Studios announced 200 new shows are underway and AOL and the Huffington Post boasted a further 20 new show titles – and these were only three of the 30+ companies hosting NewFronts 2015! So what does this mean for the online video industry as a whole?

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Brian CullinaneNewFronts 2015: Driving Scale and Opportunity