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Provider Spotlight: Celebrity Wire

by Kate Doughan on March 16, 2016 , No comments

Nowadays celebrity and entertainment content exists across many classifications and genres, so it’s rare to find a content provider who covers both the depth and breadth of popular entertainment categories.

That’s where Celebrity Wire is unique. Celebrity Wire is a leading provider of entertainment news offering an unrivalled variety of content channels:

  • Celebrity Wire
    Celebrity news, red carpet events and interviews.
  • White House Wire
    Press events at the White House, presidential speeches and cultural events.
  • Fashion Wire
    Fashion trends from celebs, “fashion weeks” and runway footage.
  • Tune Wire
    Music, fashion, interviews, red carpet events and the latest gossip.
  • Sports Wire
    Interviews, red carpet events, sports celebs in the movies and behind the scenes footage of popular sports stars.
  • Movie Trailer News
    The latest trailers, film clips, interviews and behind the scenes footage.


Over 30 new Celebrity Wire videos are available each week on the VideoElephant platform.

Get in touch to see how Celebrity Wire content can work for you.

Kate DoughanProvider Spotlight: Celebrity Wire

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