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Attention advertisers! Your role in video advertising is evolving

by Brendan Bourke on December 9, 2014 , No comments

In the traditional media planning world, when a brand and agency work together to create a media schedule, they focus on considerations such as their selection of specific TV networks, radio stations, print publications and websites. Target audience, reach and frequency are major drivers here, but so too is content. At best they get a specific understanding of the context of where their creative will appear e.g. slots around or during specific TV shows, and at worst for the likes of TV “direct-response” campaigns they get a solid understanding of the specific TV networks where their ads will run, with full knowledge of the genres of content and programming.

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Brendan BourkeAttention advertisers! Your role in video advertising is evolving

Brand Safety: The Challenge Facing Programmatic

by Róisín Kirby on November 21, 2014 , No comments

Advances in ad tech have created opportunities for online video advertising that broadcast TV could only dream of. Never before have advertisers been able to engage audiences with content that can be tailored to viewer preferences, measured in detail and shared on such a vast scale. However with innovation in digital advertising, there have come new challenges. In an industry where brand reputation is everything, there is just reason for caution. How then can sourcing premium content work as a solution? 

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Róisín KirbyBrand Safety: The Challenge Facing Programmatic