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Provider Spotlight: Celebrity Wire

by Kate Doughan on March 16, 2016 , No comments

Nowadays celebrity and entertainment content exists across many classifications and genres, so it’s rare to find a content provider who covers both the depth and breadth of popular entertainment categories.

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Kate DoughanProvider Spotlight: Celebrity Wire

All Aboard the Outstream Bandwagon

by Brendan Bourke on March 1, 2016 , No comments

Digital advertising and marketing go through phases. Remember SMS marketing? For any younger readers, yes that was actually a thing! And yes it still exists in certain forms, but what started out as quite a potent marketing tool was abused and eventually became an irritant. Who abused it? Marketers – that’s people like you and I.

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Brendan BourkeAll Aboard the Outstream Bandwagon

Content is King. But Relevance Rules.

by Brendan Bourke on November 4, 2015 , No comments

We all know that content is king. We’ve heard it many times over. The fact that this phrase is overused doesn’t make it less valid. But in a sea of noise and oodles of poor video content, increasing emphasis is now correctly being placed on content relevance. So let’s not ‘dethrone’ content just yet – but just like the rest of us, content has a boss.

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Brendan BourkeContent is King. But Relevance Rules.

Video Inventory Shortages: The Publisher’s Challenge

by Brendan Bourke on September 11, 2015 , No comments

It’s no longer breaking news. There’s insufficient video inventory in the market to satisfy the demands of advertisers and publishers. That much is clear.

As the recent Forrester report, Solving Digital Video Advertising’s Premium Dilemma stated – a lack of premium video inventory is holding back video’s growth.

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Brendan BourkeVideo Inventory Shortages: The Publisher’s Challenge

Super Bowl Teamwork: Online Video and TV Working Together

by Róisín Kirby on January 28, 2015 , No comments

How much is 30 seconds worth to you?

For me it was the difference between catching the bus and being late for work this morning! How about $4.5 million dollars, what would you buy with that? Your dream house, a sports car (or two), a private island – or how about a 30 second Super Bowl commercial?

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Róisín KirbySuper Bowl Teamwork: Online Video and TV Working Together

Publishers Championing Online Video

by Róisín Kirby on January 15, 2015 , No comments

A recent study conducted by YuMe and Digiday has found that 84% of publishers believe video is vital to their publication’s future success. The surge in online video publishing over the past year has been driven and determined by both consumer and advertiser demand. While there remains hesitation amongst many towards investing in video, the most innovative of publishers have shown that concerns over cost are offset by the returns in CPM, audience data and readership. Lets take a look at those publishers who are leading the way in online video investment.

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Róisín KirbyPublishers Championing Online Video

The Reality of Video Advertising’s Gold Rush

by Brendan Bourke on November 25, 2014 , No comments

At the recent Advertising Week in New York, there was a panel discussion titled, “Advertising’s Gold Rush: Online Video”

It’s easy to argue for the existence of such a panel. Most people working in the industry have seen the eye-popping figures – according to eMarketer, digital video ad spend will increase 41.9% this year, reaching $5.96 billion and $12.71 billion by 2018. Reading those figures, who wouldn’t think to themselves, “There’s gold in them hills”.

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Brendan BourkeThe Reality of Video Advertising’s Gold Rush