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Cannes Lions Ad Tech vs. Creativity Debate. Time To Turn The Page.

by Brendan Bourke on July 2, 2015 , No comments

Right Brain vs. Left Brain.

Mad Men vs. Math Men.

Creativity vs. Technology.

Over the past few years, hundreds of articles and conference discussions have been dedicated to this topic.  Even after this year’s Cannes Lions, many more pages are being added to the discussion thread. It’s time to move on.

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Brendan BourkeCannes Lions Ad Tech vs. Creativity Debate. Time To Turn The Page.

The Changing Face of Advertising

by Róisín Kirby on December 1, 2014 , No comments

Twenty years ago, on October 27th 1994, the first banner ad went live on hotwired.com and for over four months 44% of those who saw it clicked on it. Today, research shows that banner ads are clicked by less than 0.1% of viewers, while pre-roll video ads are 8-25 times more likely to generate a response. What factors are driving this general transition away from display to video advertising, and what opportunities does this present to publishers?

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Róisín KirbyThe Changing Face of Advertising

Brand Safety: The Challenge Facing Programmatic

by Róisín Kirby on November 21, 2014 , No comments

Advances in ad tech have created opportunities for online video advertising that broadcast TV could only dream of. Never before have advertisers been able to engage audiences with content that can be tailored to viewer preferences, measured in detail and shared on such a vast scale. However with innovation in digital advertising, there have come new challenges. In an industry where brand reputation is everything, there is just reason for caution. How then can sourcing premium content work as a solution? 

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Róisín KirbyBrand Safety: The Challenge Facing Programmatic