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The Reality of Video Advertising’s Gold Rush

by Brendan Bourke on November 25, 2014 , No comments

At the recent Advertising Week in New York, there was a panel discussion titled, “Advertising’s Gold Rush: Online Video”

It’s easy to argue for the existence of such a panel. Most people working in the industry have seen the eye-popping figures – according to eMarketer, digital video ad spend will increase 41.9% this year, reaching $5.96 billion and $12.71 billion by 2018. Reading those figures, who wouldn’t think to themselves, “There’s gold in them hills”.

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Brendan BourkeThe Reality of Video Advertising’s Gold Rush

How To: Prepare for the Rise of the Video Web

by Emily Duffy on October 21, 2013 , No comments

It’s clear to anyone even vaguely interested in the evolution of the Internet, that video is fast becoming one of the strongest pillars of successful online publishing.

The portents are there. For example, Vine was the fastest growing mobile app of the year, and according to IHS, the number of Internet connected video devices will exceed the world’s population by 2017. It’s clear that web publishers with text and image based sites simply won’t survive in the current climate.

Here’s a few of tips on how to make sure your website doesn’t get lost at sea.

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Emily DuffyHow To: Prepare for the Rise of the Video Web