The Best ‘Viral Video’ Content Providers in the VideoElephant Library

Posted by Elena Khrabrostina Murray on Aug 24, 2018 12:42:24 PM
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What is a viral video?

‘Viral video’ is a phrase that is widely used today and usually generates a lot of hype. People almost feel like they must see the latest viral video. But what defines a viral video?

Wikipedia defines a viral video as “a video that becomes popular through a viral process of Internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites, social media and email”. Viral videos also usually have a short shelf-life but generate a large audience/volume of impressions within that time, and those are the key drivers for the demand for viral videos. Publishers want to grow their audience and increase impressions to generate more revenue. Viral videos help to achieve those goals.

However, although the definition of a viral video is accurate, it has broadened to describe a style of video that has been created based on what has ‘gone viral’ in the past. It is often user generated content (UGC) or some variation on that. At the same time, more and more professionally produced ‘packaged’ content is being created in a viral style.

So where do you find viral videos or, to be more accurate, where do you find videos that are created in the ‘viral video’ style and have a decent chance of going viral?

To help you out, we have put together a list of the video content providers that we have in the VideoElephant library that offer viral video style content.

Some of the video content providers that we represent produce viral videos that focus on raw UGC and others take the UGC and add an editorial layer to create packaged videos. You can see some video samples below to help you understand what kind of viral video content the providers listed have within their overall offering.

Video Content Type:  Packaged
Video Sample: "Muhammad Ali Explains Why Athletes Shouldn't Stay Silent on Injustice"
 Caters News Agency
Video Content Type:  UGC
Video Sample:  "Dog drives parrot barking mad as he shouts him to keep the noise down!"
CBC - Raw Videos
Video Content Type:  Packaged
Video Sample: "English Incredible video shows drone helping to rescue swimmers in trouble"
Cover Media Shareable
Video Content Type:  Packaged
Video Sample:  "Man Rescued From Mud Had Parrot On Shoulder"
Video Content Type:  Packaged
Video Sample: "Animals Bring Out The Best In Us - We Applaud Animal Advocacy"
 ITN Shareable
Video Content Type:  Packaged
Video Sample: "Pugs race it out for title of Berlin's fastest"
New York Post
Video Content Type:  Packaged
Video Sample: "Scuba diver riding an endangered whale shark sparks outrage"
Video Content Type:  UGC
Video Sample:  "Blind dog has adorable Golden Retriever as seeing-eye guide"
Video Content Type:  Packaged
Video Sample:  "Ice golf is a thing... and it's been around for a couple of hundred years"
Video Content Type:  Packaged
Video Sample: "English Teen Gives Her Friend Pair of Sneakers He Couldn't Afford"
Video Content Type:  Packaged
Video Sample: "Oh My Goodness... You're Home!"
Video Content Type:  Packaged
Video Sample: "Dog to the rescue! Pooch saves woman's life"
Video Content Type:  UGC
Video Sample:  "Ginger the Chunky Chihuahua Is Overjoyed By New Slippers"
Video Content TypePackaged
Video Sample:  "Edison, NJ Multi car Pile up with Serious injuries"
Video Content Type:  Packaged
Video Sample:  "Texas High School Apologizes After 'Sexist' Dress Code Video Goes Viral"
Video Content Type:  UGC
Video Sample: "Toddler With Down Syndrome Learns New Words Through the Power of Music"
Video Content TypePackaged
Video Sample:  "Leading #MeToo figure Asia Argento accused of sex assault"
Video Content TypePackaged
Video Sample:  "English Chilean Navy Frees Trapped Whale"

Let us know if you have more questions about the viral video style content that is available in our library.

As you probably already know VideoElephant is the solution to the demand for premium video content in the market today. As an aggregator of high quality, brand-safe premium videos, we have built a broad and diverse library of over 1 million videos with thousands of new videos being added every day.

We offer flexible delivery solutions, so whether you need video content daily, weekly, or monthly, we’ve got you covered! We deliver our content using an industry standard MRSS feed and we are fully integrated with leading OVPs like JW Player and Brightcove, but are platform agnostic and can work with any CMS or platform.

Read more how you can license videos from us here.

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