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Posted by Elena Khrabrostina Murray on Apr 30, 2018 3:30:02 PM
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At VideoElephant our goal is to help you reach your full video potential. We have learned a lot about video content over the years and we would like to share our knowledge with you!

To this end, we are launching VideoElephant Insights.  

VideoElephant Insights is a 10 part series of blog posts designed to help both content users and content providers achieve more from their video content strategies. The series will couple together best practice from the industry along with our extensive experience to help you with some of the challenges there are to succeeding with video today.



From content acquisition to content distribution, we have experienced the full range of the issues content creators and content users face. These learning opportunities lead to us collect some clear, concise wisdom that will make video content strategy a more straightforward, rewarding experience.

A lack of standardization across the industry can make it difficult to know where to start and where to allocate your limited time and resources when it comes to video.

In the VideoElephant Insights series we will focus on different topics and cover issues such as video titles, tagging, video distribution etc., to help you achieve a higher return from video, both third party content and in-house created content.

Here is the introduction to our blog posts to give you an idea of what is to come:


1. “Top 5 Video Content Tagging Do's and Don'ts

Video content is the anchor for the onsite consumption and the lifeblood of premium monetization for the biggest websites. Tagging is the backbone of content discovery & search and is essential for AI-based personalization and curation.

In our first blog post we will give you the essential rules of how to correctly tag and maintain structure in your video library to improve search and content relevancy. For advertisers and consumers, content relevancy is the key to maximising engagement for them and revenue for you!


2. "Click To Play Or Fail To Click? Why Video Titles Matter"

A good video needs a good title to sell it effectively. The key to video titles is to treat them as the very first marketing tool your content has. Don’t be afraid to experiment, modulate the language in your titles depending keyword searches and audience preferences.


3. "Deconstructing 3 Myths about Licensing Syndicated Video Content"

Telling visual stories isn’t just about having decent content. It’s also about extending the life of these stories, growing richer narratives, and building a library that is greater than the sum of its parts. Licensing syndicated content plays a key role in helping publishers achieve these goals.


4. "What makes a piece of content premium?"

Advertisers are more aware than ever of the many benefits of associating their brands with engaging and superior content. With increasingly successful results in the field, more emphasis and confidence can be placed in premium video campaigns


5. "The Changing Trends of Short Form Video"

We’ve been aggregating short-form videos for a number of years now and have seen trends come and go. Whether it is video duration, video style, or video format, content creators are continuously being challenged to keep up with the changing trends of short-form video.


6. "Why Does Video Marketing Work?"

Video has proven itself again and again as a vital part of any current marketing strategy. As you know video can help you increase sales and traffic, engagement, improve your SEO, create connection with your target audience and the main factor there is no need to produce your own video content.


7. "5 Steps to Increase Video Views on Your Website"

Today we’re going to discuss how to increase views and how to drive traffic back to your own site with 5 simple steps. If you’ve ever struggled to get views on a video or post, hopefully this will give you some great insights into how you can improve engagement.  


8. "5 Types of Video Content to Use on Your Website and When to Use Them"

Are you looking for instant quick impacts with large volumes of visitors over a short space of time or are you looking to attract a constant stream of visitors over a long period of time? In this blog we will discuss what type of video content to use on your website and when.


9. "Click-To-Play Video - 6 Tips To Drive More Clicks"

With the increased demand from advertisers for click-to-play video inventory only, publishers are under extreme pressures to meet this requirement while still being able to generate sustainable revenues.

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