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Why Online Video Advertisers Need a Super Bowl Mindset

by Brendan Bourke on February 5, 2016 , No comments

What’s your favorite Super Bowl ad from 2015? Did your heart melt when you watched Budweiser’s “Lost dog” or did you laugh at “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” from Snickers”? Chances are you recall a number of last year’s hugely expensive spots and are particularly keen on one or two of them.

Now what about the rest of the thousands of ads you were exposed to in 2015? I challenge you to name more than a couple that you liked. So why can’t Super Bowl ad principles apply all year round to online video ads, and what are these principles?

Respect for the consumer. It’s the one time of year when brands (inevitably because of the vast sums they are spending) really focus on delivering ad value in the eyes of the consumer. They effortlessly drift from their typical advertising mindset to one of creating emotionally engaging content. The user/consumer experience is front and center, it’s not solely about the product or service.

Respect for the consumption context. The Super Bowl is the biggest event of the year, from the game to the halftime show, it’s a visual feast for viewers and as a result brands fall in line and produce ad content with big ideas, often laced with humor and strong payoffs. Imagine advertisers approached every single mobile pre-roll brief with the exact same mindset, respecting the unique context of mobile consumption in terms of ad length, content, targeting and personal space.

Ads = Content.  Largely because of the above points (and with the help of some celebrity appearances), Super Bowl Ads are often eagerly anticipated by consumers. They are content in themselves and get watched over and over years after their first airing date. Compare this to the rest of the year when a fourth consecutive mundane pre-roll leads to users flinging their devices across the room.  It’s too ambitious to ever expect ads in all forms to be anticipated and welcomed by users. We can though, at least aim to move online and mobile video ads a little further along the spectrum from loathed to loved.  

Let’s try to treat every brief like a Super Bowl ad brief. It’s not a bad starting point.

Image Credit: Au KirkFlickr: Super Bowl XLVII Kick Off 

Brendan BourkeWhy Online Video Advertisers Need a Super Bowl Mindset