3 Simple Ways Editorial Teams Can Boost Video Views & Engagement

When executed properly and with a cohesive strategy, editorial video programming is a great way to boost user engagement, add value to visitors, and attract high pre-roll CPMs.  

At the same time, video can also be challenging for many media organizations to scale, as video production is more costly and more time-consuming than article creation. 

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However, it can be done! Here are three tried-and-true tactics to grow your video views and engagement. 

1. Get video on your top-performing evergreen articles

Set it and forget it!

If you haven’t added contextual video content to your consistently high-trafficked evergreen articles, you’re missing out on major untapped eyeballs and revenue.

Use videos that can be repurposed. For example, celebrity home stories. 

After pulling a report on articles that drive traffic month after month, whether from search, social or otherwise, embed an existing video or produce a new video to match each piece of content.

Be mindful of trends to optimize your workflow. Do you have several celebrity home stories on the list? You might want to create one broader video that can be repurposed, like "10 Stunning Celebrity Homes" to utilize your resources most efficiently. 

2. Use video as editorial discovery

Videos can also help editorial teams to discover ideas for articles. Footage from a major news event, a unique home hack, or a funny gender reveal gone wrong, are all great examples of newsworthy and coverage-worthy articles. 

Plus, these types of stories garner high engagement, simply because the user is highly motivated to watch the video. 

Editorial teams should be on the lookout for buzzworthy videos on their social timelines or by utilizing social engagement tools like CrowdTangle and Tubular Labs. 

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3. Supplement your original content with third-party video content

Even the most efficient editorial teams with significant video output have room for more video supply, and they may want to consider bringing in third-party content. There’s a wealth of premium, pre-produced evergreen content out there, and chances are you’ll find a gorgeous video that’s already a perfect match for the piece. 

Viral licensing companies like Storyful and SWNS can also be a great resource for trending video clips to base news coverage off of. 

The same can often be said for breaking news. The lifespan of breaking news content is often momentary.

Premium news organizations or third-parties can help to easily and quickly video supply.

You’re better off leveraging the swift reaction times of breaking news organizations and wire services like the AP and Reuters, and reserving your in-house production resources and expertise to advance your own brand’s unique angles.

Alternatively, if your team has a solid workflow in place for evergreen and breaking news, third-party content can be a great way to increase video supply on secondary content verticals. 

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