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Ericka Duffy

Ericka Duffy
After graduating from NUI Maynooth with a BA in Digital Media in 2014, I joined the VideoElephant team. I work as a Content Specialist, helping our clients find the content that fits their brand best on every subject from Kim Jong-un to Kim Kardashian.
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Click To Play Or Fail To Click? Why Video Titles Matter.

Posted by Ericka Duffy on May 15, 2018 4:38:35 PM

The reason why some videos go viral and others remain largely anonymous is often less to do with the video itself and more to do with its title. Like any product, a good video needs a good title to sell itself effectively.

It’s important for content creators and content users alike to consider titles, whether for use on a website, mobile app, OTT or elsewhere. From examining how titles appear in a video player on a page, to how your internal teams can integrate them into their process, good titles can improve video adoption rates as well as click volumes.

With so much content flooding the digital space today, titles help users narrow their choices to these core values: Relevancy, Discoverability and Presentation.

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