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Sean McTiernan

Sean McTiernan
After several years working as a freelance journalist for site like The City Paper and The Awl and gaining an MPhil in Digital Humanities from Trinity College, I began working in VideoElephant in 2014. Since then I have been delighted to find my role has grown and developed along with the company. I'm currently VideoElephant's Platform Manager which gives me the opportunity to solve problems for (or at least commiserate with) people working in every aspect of the business.
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Top 5 Video Content Tagging Do's and Don'ts

Posted by Sean McTiernan on May 8, 2018 5:00:33 PM

Modern media companies searching for organic and referral traffic are more reliant on tagging than ever before. Effective tagging is now the foundation of quality assurance for many search solutions & discovery algorithms.

As we know, third-party search/discovery and social distribution channels are driving more traffic than the majority of sources today. When you take the average of all the statistics floating about and factor in conjecture, that statement is proving to be accurate – and will continue to be for some time into the future.

If video content is the anchor for the onsite consumption and the lifeblood of premium monetization for the growing majority of websites, tagging is the backbone of content discovery/search and key for AI-based personalization and curation. However, AI solutions are only as good as the raw material you provide it, and this is where the human touch is essential.

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