BBN (Blake Broadcasting) Has Named VideoElephant as Its Exclusive Licensing Management Company for CBNN Networks in Europe, Asia and North America

VideoElephant is delighted to announce that it will be sourcing long form and short form programming for BBN and CBNN and it is actively seeking submissions of relevant content. CBNN is a growing network of cable (linear television) properties and OTT Networks reaching over 400 million homes. VideoElephant will also provide a continuation of its distribution services for BBN's brands that include CelebrityWire, Movie Trailer News and TuneWire to name but a few. 

"We couldn't be more pleased to be able to work with and draw upon the tremendous expertise of VideoElephant with regard to licensing and distribution of content across our networks and news feeds. We have had the pleasure of working with VE for 7 years and we have seen them grow from a local Irish company into an overall world leader in video, television programming and news content. We are highly confident in their ability to deliver and coordinate significant content licenses with major media companies. We are also confident that VideoElephant will be a future integral part of our global growth," said Bob Blake, CEO of Blake Broadcasting and a founder of CBNN, Oak Park Capital and several news networks.

"BBN has been one our most important and trusted content partners since the early days of VideoElephant. We have seen our relationship go from strength to strength over the years and our growth has always been strongly supported by BBN's consistent and ever expanding range of quality content. So we are delighted and honored to be chosen by BBN to act as their exclusive content management company to source and secure programming for CBNN Networks' exciting HD/UHD satellite and OTT channels," said Stephen O'Shaughnessy, CEO of VideoElephant.


BBN (Blake Broadcasting) is a leading edge provider of news content globally, delivering 16 different news feeds daily, while creating over 1500 news stories per month through an extensive network and library of film and photographic content. BBN globally provides international, national, sports, Esports, fashion, environment, tech, lifestyle, politics, music, film and entertainment news through various brands it operates in numerous languages.

CBNN (initially the Crypto Blockchain News Network) has rapidly grown into a major international programmer and content creator, which is operating satellite/cable television channels and digital networks with an OTT strategy. The European, Asian and North American networks feature news, Esports, entertainment, sports and original programming. It is an intelligent hybrid network, built with a blockchain technology concept.

Interested in licensing your content for broadcast on the CBNN Network? Click HERE and reference CBNN in your enquiry.

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